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Virtual CICS User Group | January 2024

Enhanced Analysis Through Integrating CICS and Other Types of SMF Data

Todd Havekost
Senior Performance Consultant

Continuing the theme from last January’s session on enhancing CICS analysis from SMF data, this session will expand beyond CICS Transaction and Statistics data and examine ways CICS analysis can be enhanced through integration with SMF data from other components across the z platform. Scenarios will be presented showing integration of:

  • CICS and WLM service class data (SMF 72.3)
  • CICS and Db2 accounting data (SMF 101)
  • CICS and MQ accounting data (SMF 115)
  • CICS topology views integrating multiple types of data (SMF 70, SMF 101, SMF 115)

This session will expand your awareness of ways your analysis can benefit from combining insights across z/OS data types. And you can also expect to grow your understanding of disciplines outside your area of specialization and how to leverage that knowledge to improve your CICS environment.

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