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CICS Tools


Abend-AID for CICS

Vendor: Compuware
The software provides a mainframe application failure resolution process to help speed the discovery of failure solutions within an organization. Abend-AID for CICS enables quick resolution of faults and abends in a CICS environment.

Advanced Debugging System (ADS) for CICS

Vendor: Gary Bergman Associates, Inc
Software for automatic and/or manual monitoring of execution to detect misuse of storage. Allows source code to be inserted for immediate execution on-the-fly, in addition to the usual break-point trapping based on source or object code interpretation.


Vendor: ASG
The product helps data centre managers and system programmers quickly respond, identify, and resolve CICS problems. It reduces application downtime, improving transaction throughput, and identifying problems affecting application performance.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The software allows users to assign specific terminal ids and printer ids while still getting advantages of IBM’s autoinstall facility. Current netname/termid relationships can be saved so users can convert to autoinstall without changing users’ termids. Saves CICS memory and reduces CICS administration time.


Vendor: UNICOM Systems
AUTOMON/BATCH is an online menu-driven system utility, operating under CICS, that provides the means to dynamically create and maintain all file definitions required by CICS by using the AUTOMON/BATCH interface to RDO. The interface greatly simplifies the process for the system programmers and application developers.


Vendor: UNICOM Systems
AUTOMON identifies CICS system problems, investigates the cause of the problem, and takes corrective actions dynamically.



Vendor: Document Systems Inc (DSI)
The product provides integration between batch processing with any CICS data resource, program, or transaction. It allows for the execution of any CICS COMMAREA-based or 3270 terminal transaction using batch COBOL programs. It creates batch SOA processes that fully interact ‘real time’ with your running CICS applications, with easy-to-learn EXEC coding statements. It is distributed with a utility to open/close CICS files, and enable/disable CICS transactions from a batch Job.


Vendor: B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH
BOS-skip allows users to establish up to 10 CICS applications at the same time. This allows a user to interrupt one transaction, use other transactions freely, and then return to the first at the exact point it was left.


Vendor: B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH
BOS-pack optimizes the data stream by reducing the transmission data. The optimization options can be defined on terminal or transaction level.


Vendor: B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH
With BOS-help, you can create context-sensitive online help for any type of CICS application.



Vendor: Circle Software
C\FLOW is a CICS Web Support Program that acts as a listener for TCP/IP requests made from a client, using an HTTP protocol, to a CICS region.


Vendor: Circle Software
An engine that generates CICS/COBOL XML parser programs based on Request/Response copybooks.


Vendor: Circle Software
C\Prof offers a new approach for gaining business and operational value from the CICS internal trace. C\Prof peeks inside CICS, but doesn’t interfere with its execution. It is not a monitor and does not require changes to CICS. Unlike traditional approaches, C\Prof makes the CICS trace inexpensive to capture and simple to interpret.


Vendor: C\TREK Corp
C\TREK is a performance and problem determination tool specifically developed to assist a CICS system programmer in performing these tasks.


Vendor: Software Diversified Services
The product organizes information to simplify: CICS region start-up and shutdown; the activation and deactivation of entire applications and their supporting CICS resources; and the swapping of files and data bases between batch jobs and active CICS regions.


Vendor: Broadcom
The product is an online sort tool for your CICS application programmers. It provides improved responsiveness, because there is no need to wait for a batch sort to run.


Vendor: Broadcom
The software provides a comprehensive set of CICS and batch functions for dynamically managing CICS resources, including files, IMS databases, transient data queues, DFHRPL load libraries, programs and transactions, and RPL load libraries and modules. These functions help maximize CICS availability by preventing CICS outages and simplifying resource management tasks.

CA InterTest for CICS

Vendor: Broadcom
The software provides automate debugging of CICS applications with an eclipse-based interface.

CA SOLVE:Operations Automation for CICS

Vendor: Broadcom
The product provides one central point for monitoring, managing, and automatically recovering CICS resources across multiple domains. Key CICS transactions can be defined via auto-populate techniques to ensure their desired state availability. Desired state monitoring can also be applied to CICS MRO and ISC links to both internal and external CICS systems.

CA SymDump for CICS

Vendor: Broadcom
The software allows users to detect, analyse, and resolve CICS abends.

CA Verify for CICS

Vendor: Broadcom
The software allows users to automate regression testing for CICS applications.


Vendor: NETEC International Inc
The product is CICS systems software package for analysing and managing CICS transaction dumps.

CICS Batch Application Control

Vendor: IBM
The software makes it easier to manage batch processes that have to coexist and share resources with one or more CICS online transaction systems.

CICS Business Event Publisher for MQSeries

Vendor: IBM
The product enables extension and re-use of existing CICS applications It generates user-defined WebSphere MQ messages as a result of certain EXEC CICS commands being executed by an application, or when VSAM, DB2 or IMS data is modified.

CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS (CICS CM)

Vendor: IBM
CICS CM is a tool for managing and maintaining CICS resource definitions. In particular, CICS CM helps to manage changes to resource definitions across CICS regions, enabling users to systematically migrate a set of changes that have been made in the development CICS environment to the test environment, and then on to your production environment.

CICS Deployment Assistant for z/OS

Vendor: IBM
This tool discovers, models, visualizes, creates, and deploys CICS regions using policy-driven advice and automation.

CICS Interdependency Analyzer

Vendor: IBM
The software improves the availability and performance of CICS applications, reduces the cost of CICS application maintenance, and supports key service management processes.

CICS Content Delivery Server

Vendor: Matter of Fact Software
The product allows the Dojo Javascript toolkit (which enables the development of browser-based user interface functions) to be installed and controlled on mainframe PDS datasets.

CICS OTTO (Online Transmission Time Optimizer)

Vendor: IBM
The product provides performance tuning options.

CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA)

Vendor: IBM
CICS PA is a reporting tool to enable tuning and management of CICS systems. CICS PA is compatible with all CICS systems operating on z/OS.

CICS Transaction Gateway

Vendor: IBM
This product provides standards-based connectivity from WebSphere SOA Foundation server products to CICS Transaction Server and TXSeries for Multiplatforms.

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS

Vendor: IBM
This brings new levels of ease-of-use and flexibility to meet the needs of the next generation of business users. It will assist its users in their activities.

CICS Universal Client

Vendor: IBM
This provides desktop-based application integration functions by facilitating communication between workstation applications and multiple CICS servers.


Vendor: IBM
A VSAM tool

CICS VSAM Recovery

Vendor: IBM
A VSAM tool

CICS VSAM Transparency

Vendor: IBM
A VSAM tool

CICS/Comet for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
The software is used when migrating macro level applications to CICS Transaction Server. CICS/Comet automatically intercepts the macro level calls and dynamically translates them to the correct command level calls.

CICS/Environment Manager

Vendor: Trident Services
CICS/Environment Manager provides a way to manage CICS environments. It supports 24×7 operations by eliminating the need to recycle CICS regions to clean up temporary storage queues (TSQs) or to recover/reset terminal IDs. It promotes maximum user availability through periodic monitoring. It is easy to install, use, and maintain. It makes network consolidations or conversions much easier by eliminating duplicate terminal IDs.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This allows you to send a fax from a terminal or a program.


Vendor: UNICOM Systems
The product is an online menu-driven system utility, operating under CICS, that provides the means to dynamically create and maintain all file definitions required by CICS. These file definitions are those contained within the CICS File Control Table.

CICS/FileServ for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
The product is an online menu-driven system utility, operating under CICS, that provides the means to dynamically create and maintain all file definitions required by CICS by using the FileServ interface to RDO.

CICS/Forward Recovery System

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
When a VSAM file is corrupted or lost it needs to be recovered quickly and correctly. This software makes that possible.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product replaces and extends the functions of the standard IBM screen-print facility.

CICS/Juggler for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
The product displays information from each transaction in four different window configurations. Panning and scrolling, or the bringing of information into view, is accomplished with simple commands. The user is always in complete control of the windows and logical terminals. Comparing online information is easy.

CICS/Log View

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The software display CICS system logs online. It allows users to browse CICS logs on their CICS terminal, and automate operations – notifications can be triggered by specific error messages.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product is a CICS map design tool allowing screens to be designed online in CICS using a full-screen editor. Full length COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler language field names and Basic Mapping Support (BMS) field attributes can be added on the Field Definition screen.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
With this software, messages can be sent from an application program or a terminal. Messages can be sent to ‘ALL` CICS terminals or lists of terminaIs/operators/users/netnames.

CICS/Morning News

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product allows users to broadcast “news” to all or selected CICS users when they logon or sign on to CICS. News is also available throughout the day by entering a CICS transaction.

CICS/On Line File Utility

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
OLFU allows programmers access to records on any CICS-defined file.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product is an editor that is invoked by the application program to allow users to edit data in a temporary storage queue. When editing is complete, the queue is passed back to the program. It eliminates the need to give users access to ICCF or TSO.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product provides a facility for online sorting within CICS. It sorts a temporary storage queue of records up to 1,000 characters. Up to ten sort fields are allowed. Queues of several thousand records can be sorted efficiently without impacting other CICS applications.

CICS/Response Time Monitor

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product tracks response times for each transaction.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product provides user authentication and transaction security for CICS without requiring application changes.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product is a printer terminal spooling system for CICS that improves throughput of printer-oriented programs.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product allows users to ‘spy’ on 3270 terminals and the HTML served out to a browser from CICS.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product automatically logs off or signs off inactive users, even those running conversational tasks. Time intervals may be specified by terminal-id, net name, or USERID.

CICS/Windows for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
The product is a multiple windows manager for CICS. It allows users to conduct up to nine concurrent CICS sessions and open as many windows simultaneously on one screen. Each window is fully functional and compatible with every type of CICS application.


Vendor: Enterprise Research Inc
The product provides a flexible control that prevents the abuse of shared userids and allows swapping between CICS applications from a single terminal session.


Vendor: Enterprise Research Inc
The product provides a user-friendly alternative to CICS terminal time-out. This tool enhances terminal security while providing CICS users with the convenience of extended connect time. CICS-Lock ensures privacy of data even while a CICS session is left unattended.


Vendor: Enterprise Research Inc
The software simplifies the transfer of an active CICS session among applications. A user can log into any CICS application then there’s no need to enter subsequent ID/password combinations to CICS applications.


Vendor: Enterprise Research Inc
This session monitoring tool presents summary data about active CICS users. It is designed for System Administrators and Help Desk staff.


Vendor: CASI Software
This CICS tool dynamically creates secure PDF documents for CICS applications.


Vendor: ASPG – Advanced Software Products Group
This product was designed to provide a migration path for CICS from a macro-level to a command-level environment. Command-level calls, resulting from the conversion, are made dynamically during execution of the macro-level programs.


Vendor: Document Systems Inc (DSI)
ComqExec provides command query string execution of Web-to-CICS HTTP requests. Auto reply commands allow for “Fast navigation” to target screens without the overhead of executing service automation scripts or programs. Up to four different command windows can be embedded in a single request string.



Vendor: Document Systems Inc
The product provides mainframe contextual searching, e-discovery, and Big Data technology for any CICS application.

Dump Detective for CICS

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This CICS transaction dump analyser provides analysis of the more common causes of problems and access to the significant areas of the dump for the solution to more involved problems.


Vendor: Macro 4
DumpMaster identifies and helps recover application errors quickly. It captures the output of the failing program, pre-processes the data, and provides fast and accurate fault diagnosis by automatically analyzing the abend and highlighting possible causes. The cause of the abend is found and the problem resolved more quickly, which in turn means less application downtime.


Easy Help for CICS

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product allows users to add the ability to provide screen-level and field-level help text to CICS transactions without requiring changes to application programs.

Eden Server

Vendor: Rosebud Management Systems
An Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) system used to host CICS applications on Windows NT/2000/XP Servers. A Windows-based application server that provides a TCP/IP-based OLTP system to support COBOL CICS applications.

Energizer for CICS

Vendor: BMC Software
The software dynamically manages and tunes CICS system parameters and resource utilization. It improves transaction throughput using an algorithm to optimize the way z/OS dispatches CICS.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product allows users to automatically distribute their CICS and batch report data via e-mail in PDF, RTF, and plain text format. When used with a CICS/Fax PC server, data can also be sent via fax, ftp, or file transfer.
With the optional eSendIT Web Interface Feature, users can also use their mainframe as a repository and allow Web browser access to their data.


Vendor: Macro 4
ExpeTune helps you improve the performance of your IBM z systems CICS business applications. Through the use of ExpeTune, you can monitor CICS transactions in real-time and automatically initiate a FreezeFrame performance observation if the transaction exceeds its threshold execution time. ExpeTune can also analyse your SMF records to identify poorly performing CICS regions and transactions.


Fault Analyzer

Vendor: IBM
The product assists developers in analysing and fixing application and system failures. It provides support for analysing CICS application and system failures.


Vendor: Macro 4
FreezeFrame measures and reports on application performance on IBM z Systems, reporting on Batch, CICS, DB2, IMS, and WebSphere MQ subsystems. FreezeFrame maps observed system states to system objects to provide a meaningful picture of how resources are consumed. The reports can be viewed in ISPF or Eclipse to readily pinpoint slow or improperly running programs.


Help/Windows for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is a CICS product that was developed to provide online documentation.


Vendor: Advanced Software Products Group, Inc.
Easily and quickly create Help Screens for z/OS applications without prior technical knowledge or system familiarity.



Vendor: Inspect-CPU systems
ICPU is a CICS sampling product that monitors the activity of the application programs and provides live and complete insight into the CPU usage of the application programs and the code within them.

IntelliMagic Vision for CICS

Vendor: IntelliMagic
This software provides automated and intelligent CICS analytics in an interactive GUI that enables performance analysts to proactively manage and optimize their z/OS CICS systems more effectively and efficiently (as well as the end-to-end z/OS infrastructure).

Inter-Program Command Processor (IPCP PLUS)

Vendor: SDS
The product is a file control utility. With a single command, batch jobs can close one to 500 CICS files, or stop DL/I and CA Datacom databases. After your regular batch job updates the files, a single JCL statement automatically re-opens the files to their original online status. IPCP Plus is automatic and offers rock-solid reliability.


Vendor: Data21
IpServer is a CICS-based Web server that runs in virtually all levels of CICS under MVS, OS/390, and VSE. IpServer’s CGI programming interface and performance features enable CICS programmers to leverage existing systems and skills to transform CICS business applications into Web applications.

Ivory Service Architect

Vendor: GT Software
The product provides integration to CICS, IMS, and batch applications through Web services.



Vendor: H&M Systems Software
This product allows non-programmers to create data entry forms and edit checks. In addition, KEYFAST can validate user input against master files and databases.


LegaSuite for CICS

Vendor: Seagull Software
This product transform CICS applications into Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) assets and includes support for multiple run-time architectures from one development effort and offers integrated Business Process Management (BPM) workflow capabilities.


MacKinney Batch to CICS (MBC)

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This product allows users to send commands from their batch jobs to their CICS regions to coordinate file access, dynamically enable or disable programs and transactions, kick off transactions, send terminal messages, and more.

Macro Level Interpreter

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product allows users to run their macro-level applications on their current command-level CICS without any programming changes.


Vendor: BMC
The product simplifies application management across any CICS environment. It monitors the CICS Transient Data Queue (TDQ) messages. This provides for easy generation of management of event rules that create comprehensive alerts and results in corrective actions to prevent an outage.


Vendor: BMC
The product brings advanced automation capabilities and performance management for traditional CICS and parallel processing environments. MainView for CICS exploits MainView plex-ready technology, integrated advanced Alarm Management, centralized audit logging, intelligent Web Interface without any additional software layers.


Vendor: Makware, Inc
MCICSBMS generates BMS macros from a screen image. First, paint the screen as it looks and use this utility to get CICS BMS macros. Handles multiple screens to generate multiple mapsets. No need to know BMS rules.


Vendor: H&M Systems Software
The product manages, compresses, and partially eliminates terminal and host-bound CICS datastreams without loss of information. The results are rapid response times (even at peak- load), increased bandwidth available for network expansions, reduced per-unit line costs, and flicker-free screen updates.


Vendor: Cue-Metamon
The product runs in 31-bit storage. There are no CICS ‘hooks’, and it uses published exits only. It works with applications in CICS or USER key. It works with pseudo-conversational, full conversational, and non-conversational transactions.

METAMON Power Tools

Vendor: Cue-Metamon
The Power Tools are a result of combining the versatility of the Information Console with the raw data capture ability of the Event Recorder.


Vendor: Makware, Inc
MEXECALL produces a complete list of every DLI, SQL, MQ, and CICS Call statement present in a library.


Vendor: H&M Systems Software
The product allows users to rapidly, interactively design CICS maps and mapsets without any knowledge of BMS macros. Newly-created screens are available for immediate testing and subsequent embedding in Assembler, COBOL, and PL/I application programs.



Vendor: IBM
Performance monitor



Vendor: Foundation Software
This product is a software development tool designed for the development of CICS applications. It incorporates many standard programs and functions that facilitate rapid development of CICS applications in a COBOLII/S390 environment.

PIE/CICS Availability Plus for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is an optional PIE/CICS component providing CICS transaction response time improvements. An important part of improving response time is reducing the time a task waits in a queue before being dispatched.

PIE/CICS Dynamic Menus for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is an optional PIE/CICS component providing a more friendly approach to creating secure menus by eliminating blank CICS screen tranID usage and arguments.


Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is an optional PIE/CICS component that provides access up to 99 simultaneous applications running in separate sessions. Using NetGate and MultiCICS together, users can switch between sessions with simple commands, menu options, or a designated PF key.

PIE/CICS NetGate for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is an optional PIE/CICS component that allows users to access multiple VTAM applications from MultiCICS sessions. With PIE/CICS MultiCICS and NetGate working together, users can access up to a maximum of 99 simultaneous applications. Sessions support any applications running within a CICS region or MRO complex.

PIE/CICS NonStop CICS for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
This is an optional PIE/CICS component and runs multiple, fully initialized regions. Backup regions are available immediately when problems occur. NonStop CICS re-assigns users while recovery procedures continue in the failed region.

PlexSpy Application Status Monitor

Vendor: Matter of Fact Software
This product enables users to identify the real-time status of named CICS applications. By eliminating uncertainty and doubt about the status of CICS-based applications and establishing what is really happening to the specific infrastructure on which they rely, users will improve their responsiveness to business needs.



Vendor: Circle Computer Group
This is a print distribution system providing a complete solution for the delivery of mainframe reports. REPRO delivers printed output to users accurately and without intervention. Any document generated by online or batch programs can be scheduled, ordered and printed.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
The product can help free valuable DSA and GETVIS storage. RMode31 allows users to run most of their 24-bit macro and command level Assembler, VS/COBOL and PL/I programs plus their BMS maps above the line.


Vendor: Rocket Software
The product is a research tool for learning about CICS and activity within CICS.


Vendor: Axios Products
Remote Online Print Executive System (ROPES) is CICS print spooling and transmission software. It allows the distribution of mainframe-generated documents regardless of changes to the environment.


Show and Tell II

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This product allows a user to see what is on another CICS screen.

SM/Menu II

Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This software allows menu selection of your CICS applications


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
This is a CICS session manager that allows up to 8 logical terminal sessions per user.


Vendor: H&M Systems Software
The software allows query and update of CICS defined files without programming or defining CICS program and transaction tables.


Vendor: SOA Software
The product provides mainframe programmers with an intuitive portal for readily exposing and consuming Web services from CICS applications.

StarTool DA (Dump Analyzer)

Vendor: Serena Software
The product provides intelligent dump analysis and debugging for mainframes. It helps developers diagnose the cause of ABEND conditions through automated dump diagnostics, interactive call tracing support, dump archiving and maintenance, and a full-featured debugging interface. The product supports analysis and debugging of both batch and CICS ABENDs.

Strobe for CICS

Vendor: Compuware
The product measures application performance of both online and batch-processing applications, identifying those areas of applications that consume excessive CPU, allowing users to deliver high-performing applications that consistently meet service level agreements. Strobe for CICS measures, analyses, and improves the performance of applications that use CICS.


Vendor: H&W
The software allows batch processing to run during the business day to provide current CICS data on demand without impacting online activity. CICS applications remain fully available, and end users get up-to-date information when they need it.

SysQManager for CICS

Vendor: Document Systems Inc (DSI)
The software provides dynamic creation and management of CICS extra-partition Sysout Transient Data Queues to maximize CICS uptime. Each target Sysout TDQ controlled by SysQManager is limited in growth by an automated process that separates the target queue into one or more generation queues. For each generation created, a unique ‘ddname’ is assigned, which allows easy viewing, automated JES spinoff, and extraction into any data format.



Vendor: DataKinetics
tableBASE is an in-memory API that can accelerate existing CICS applications by as much as 90%—using up to 65% less CPU, and up to 80% less I/O resource usage. This can help to reduce operational expense, and help to counter some of the pressure on CICS apps in handling new mobile workloads.

Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS on z/OS

Vendor: IBM
The product helps users to proactively manage performance and availability of complex CICS systems.


Vendor: Data21
This is a CICS/ESA product comprising a number of sub-products (Help4CICS, Notes4CICS, Word4CICS, and Spell4CICS) that may be purchased individually or as a whole.


Vendor: Macro 4
TraceMaster interactive tracing software significantly reduces the time and accompanying costs of mainframe application development – by rapidly identifying the causes of program errors hidden within thousands of lines of code. TraceMaster lets you analyze large volumes of code much faster, compared with traditional debugging methods. Developers can step back and forth through program logic with complete flexibility, to find and fix program errors quickly and accelerate the deployment of your business-critical applications.

TraceMaster CodeTrack

Vendor: Macro 4
The product provides CICS Path Analysis so that a developer can know how often each instruction is, or even is not, executed. It also ensures that storage violations, which are amongst the nastiest of problems, will not occur when an application targets a memory area.


Vendor: MacKinney Systems
A testing and debugging system for CICS programs that enables program testing during development and maintenance of CICS applications.


UCCF/Server for z/OS

Vendor: UNICOM Systems
Universal Command Control Facility works in conjunction with and as an enhancement to AUTOMON/CICS and other UNICOM products.


Verastream Bridge Integrator

Vendor: Attachmate
The product is a native mainframe-resident adapter that runs in the CICS Transaction Server, for rapid integration of CICS applications. CICS interaction is enabled through the IBM Link 3270 Bridge in any format required by the corresponding CICS application. So even if a CICS application does not use Basic Mapping System, a client application can still take advantage of the performance of Verastream Bridge Integrator.

Vital Signs for CICS

Vendor: Lee Technologies
Performance Monitor for CICS/TS


Vendor: CSI International
No need to take your critical VSAM datasets offline for batch updates. After VSHARE is installed, use legacy batch applications without change, including access to files from other CICS regions; by adding a single STEPLIB. Access and update your files with batch applications or remote transactions while online users continue their real time transactions. Access can be from the same LPAR or remote machines. Included is journaling, sync pointing, and recovery. No need to restore files and restart jobs from the beginning. This robust product has been in use since 1992 and is competitively priced.



Vendor: H&W
The software allows users to extend legacy CICS data and applications to the Web. WebTek leverages existing in hardware and software, employs simple methods, and works without programmers having to learn new skills.

WIRE (Web Interface Rules Engine)

Vendor: Hostbridge Technology
The HostBridge Web Interface Rules Engine (WIRE) is a Microsoft .NET programming and runtime environment that enables organizations to develop and deploy Web interfaces for the presentation of CICS data and business logic delivered as XML documents by HostBridge.



Vendor: Compuware
The product is a comprehensive set of developer productivity tools that reduces the time needed to get programs implemented or returned to production by automating the analysis, testing and debugging processes. It enhances CICS application quality with powerful testing and debugging capabilities

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