Upcoming Virtual CICS Meeting

CICS Interdependency Analyzer in Devops

May 14, 2024

Mohit Padwa
Mohit Padwa
CICS IA Product Developer
HCL Technologies

Upcoming Virtual Db2 Meeting

May 21, 2024

Can Db2 for z/OS be Hacked?

Emil Kotrc

Emil Kotrc

IBM Champion, Solutions Architect
Broadcom Software


Upcoming Virtual IMS Meeting

How to Help IBM and YOU Quickly Resolve IMS Problems.

April 9, 2024


Stephen P. Nathan

Featured Upcoming Speaker

Emil Kotrc

Emil Kotrc

Solutions Architect, IBM Champion

Emil is a software architect at Broadcom Mainframe Software, he holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Engineering, is a member of the IDUG Content Committee, and an IBM Champion since 2015.