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Virtual IMS User Group | February 2024

Replacing IBM IMS DB—
Fully Automated and with Highest Security

Dr. Daniela Schilling
Delta Software Technology

IBM IMS DB has been regarded as an absolutely reliable and high-performance database system for decades. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for replacing IMS DB with a relational DBMS.

But how can such a paradigm shift succeed?

The hurdles are enormous: the applications are business-critical, large, complex and the documentation—where available—is not suitable for the project.
As these are large projects, the change should take place in parallel with ongoing maintenance and further development and must not disrupt daily business.

In our presentation, we will show you how these hurdles can be successfully overcome by means of complete automation and audit-proven processes.

Dr. Daniela Schilling, CEO

Dr. Daniela SchillingDaniela is CEO of Delta Software Technology.

She holds a PhD in computer science and has nearly 15 years experience in automated software modernization and evolution.

After several years in the automotive industry, she joint Delta Software Technology in 2011.
Since then, she focuses on enabling large organizations to smoothly and securely adapt their large and complex COBOL and PL/I applications with sophisticated and automated solutions to changing business requirements.

Leading organisations in the banking and insurance market, mail and telecom providers, industrial enterprises, public administrations, software companies and system integrators in Europe and worldwide increase the quality and productivity of their development, modernisation and evolution of individual software applications with Delta’s solutions.

Daniela has given presentations on the topic at events such as Guide Share Europe (GSE).

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